About the Author

Bryan Humphrey is a native of Fort Worth, Texas. Mr. Humphrey graduated with cum laude honors from Wiley College in Spring 2013 with a Baccalaureate Degree in Sociology. Mr. Humphrey continued his education and attended graduate school at Stephen F. Austin State University in the Fall of 2013. Mr. Humphrey graduated with a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Stephen F. Austin State University in May 2016. This led to him being the first person in his family to earn a Masters Degree.

In the beginning of May of 2017, Bryan’s passion to inspire and impact others led to creating his brand: Bryan Humphrey Speaks (BHS). Bryan Humphrey Speaks targets individuals who struggle with finding themselves. He feels many people needs more guidance to help them build their character and confidence. Bryan’s view on how we see ourselves doesn’t always start with the place we left, but instead with how we see ourselves inside. He stresses that it’s important to have the right character at all times.

Since the start of his motivational speaking career, Bryan’s encouraging message has opened up doors to speak at numerous events.

Bryan Humphrey Speaks addresses character, self-actualization, finances, emotional health and spiritual matters. Bryan’s personal transitions and close relationship with God have made him a positive voice for today’s world. He is also grateful for his loving family, frat brothers, close friends and business partnerships for helping his growth and development.

Bryan Humphery, MSW


Every person is capable of reaching a fulfilling life. Despite one’s background, current circumstances, and abilities, you were born to be a BOSS! The only thing in your way is YOU! Realizing you are already the person you want to become is the first step to uncovering the greatest version of yourself.

BOSS UP is an excellent self-help, personal development read for today’s hectic world. Mr. Bryan Humphrey will guide you on how to be more trusting in the process to greatness with all of the situations that you have to endure throughout life.

    You’ll discover how to:

  • Become more confident
  • Be a Boss
  • Balance life’s circumstances

Everything in your life happens for you and never against you. You’ll gain knowledge of how Mr. Bryan Humphrey defeated tremendous challenges in his life. Once you are equipped with the traits it takes to be successful, you’ll be unstoppable!